Emergency service leavers offer an exceptional work ethic, commitment, and ability to work in some of the most challenging circumstances possible. With an unparalleled approach to team working and leadership as well as multiple skills, experiences and knowledge; they are an asset to any employer.

ESCT is a not-for-profit organisation. We believe that career development and support should be accessible to all Emergency Service workers at every stage in their career;  joining, serving, volunteering, retiring or leaving service.

Supporting career development is the responsibility of both the employee and the employer including planning for the end of active service.

Our Vision is to provide Emergency Service workers with career development guidance throughout the employment lifecycle, including transition support for those ready to move to the next phase in their life whether that’s inside or outside the services.

The Emergency Services spend millions every year to attract the best people and it makes sense to create an Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to support these recruitment efforts and to engage and retain staff once they’re hired.   Today, employees are seeking more control over their careers and expect their employer to help them achieve their personal and professional development goals.  Our aim is to work with Emergency Service employers to foster a culture of continuous development designed to empower staff through developing skills, experience and qualifications for every Emergency Services worker at each stage in their career, hire to retire and beyond.

Highly skilled workers leave the Emergency Services every year.  An import part of the ESCT offering will be for Emergency Services and their highly trained experts to stay connected in a skills bank that can be accessed when there’s a need to scale up during peak periods or incident.

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay” – Henry Ford.


The ESCT Value Proposition

For the Services: A not-for-profit organisation, set up to support continuous professional development for Emergency Service workers throughout their career life-cycle, hire to retire and beyond.  Offering employers a solution to demonstrate commitment to career development as part of its Employee Value Proposition, to assist with recruitment, retention and career transition.

By the Services: Programs and services managed and validated by Emergency Service workers, for Emergency Service Workers including new hires, retirees, family members, support workers, volunteers, cadets and leavers.

We Support Your Needs In:

  • Hiring – Career development and support is attractive to new hires
  • Managing Career Life-Cycle – support and advice throughout the career life-cycle, hire to retire and beyond
  • Retention – Develop loyalty towards employers willing to invest in their staff and improve their Employee Value Proposition
  • Retirement – Prepare for a second career and/or later life (excluding financial planning)
  • Collaboration – Linking public and private sector organisations to leverage best practice
  • Career Transition – A free jobs board for companies who recognise the value of hiring skilled workers from the emergency services
  • Skills Bank – Staying connected – highly trained former emergency services staff connected and available at times of need
  • Access to Job Opportunities
  • Matching skills and experience to appropriate role
  • Assist ex-Emergency Services staff to stay connected


ESCT governance is provided by an Advisory Board supervising our not-for-profit organisation and informing our vision and objectives. Volunteer representatives from the Emergency Services, Public and Private sector organisations and independent experts make up the advisory board.  They provide independent advice and information on business, human resources, markets and industry trends that support our career development and career transition programs and services. They have committed to positively supporting Emergency Service workers and their families during all phases of their career.


Emergency Services Career Transition are proud to support
existing award schemes which demonstrate companies’
commitment to the emergency services. These include Employer
Supported Policing and the wider Citizens in Policing agenda.
To support this commitment and wider involvement we are
launching our own award scheme.



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