Finding the right job for you or defining and achieving the best next steps after life in the emergency services is best approached in a structured way.

By viewing your transition from the outset as a journey with clearly defined phases to work through, you will be taking a systematic approach to defining your next career move, marketing yourself, and landing in a role that meets your aspirations.


First step is preparation to understand yourself

In this phase, you will review your values and drivers, your interests, transferable skills and key strengths. You will begin to consider your options, set your career objectives, and lay the groundwork to present yourself to the market.

This is a critical first step that helps to determine the overall success of your career transition. You might be tempted to make a quick decision about the next phase of your career. No matter what your situation, it’s important to take a deep breath and lay some groundwork before making a move too soon.

  • As yourself the question, “Is this the right time for me to leave?”
  • Understand the reasons you want to leave your career in the Emergency Services
  • Understand what you want and offer a future employer
  • Consider your possible options
  • Set your career objectives
  • Begin to create effective self-marketing materials
  • Register with ESCT and you will be able to attend a Career Fair or Job Search workshop and learn more about yourself.
  • Understanding Yourself phase will provide you with a solid foundation from which to enter the marketplace.


Next you need to research the market – what is out there?

Here the focus is on exploring where your talents and goals are aligned with the realities of the job market.

Your activities will focus on researching and collecting information and networking. The objectives of this phase are to:

  • Investigate the current realities of the employment market
  • Discover where you are aligned
  • Develop your network of strategic contacts
  • Look at the visible and hidden job market
  • What salary you can reasonably expect
  • What is your skills gap

Your market research efforts will be only be completed when you feel you have gathered all the relevant information on the career options you are pursuing, and you have established relationships with key people in each of those areas.

Focus-In on Specific Jobs is the next step

This phase takes you directly into the activity of uncovering and applying for positions, whether the opportunities are formally advertised or are part of the “hidden” job market that you can navigate through networking.

The objectives of this phase are to:

  • Continue to identify and narrow down your most promising options
  • Harness the full potential of the visible and hidden job market
  • Test and validate your job search strategy and key self-marketing messages
  • Select the best available opportunities


The next step in finding a job is interviews and negotiations

This phase is where you will apply all your learning about your self-awareness and self-marketing techniques to make a winning impression at interviews, to evaluate job offers and negotiate optimum terms.

The objectives of this phase are to:

  • Increase your effectiveness in interviews
  • Evaluate offers systematically and negotiate your optimum terms Land a new position (and celebrate!)


Finally, having secured a role you need to manage Your Career

The objectives of this phase are to:

  • Manage your first 90 days in your new role
  • Practise career management for life!
  • Maintain a healthy work life balance


To achieve all these objectives:

  • Once you have some clarity about your next steps identify suitable Vocational Training opportunities, check out funding or how much you are willing to invest in gaining the vocational qualification you may need
  • Make full use of the  ESCTwebsite which gives you access to free resources and extensive information on all aspects of Employment.
  • Have a look at the many and varied Resettlement Guides on the main website as resettlement is not just about finding a new job, it’s about a whole new way of life or it may be that you just need to revitalise your current career.




We have put together a series of free resources and signposting which we hope will be of benefit to you. All links found within these resources direct you to organisations or companies that have gone through a scrutiny process by our Advisory Panel and we at ESCT feel provide unbiased and sound advice and guidance.



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